What is Lignin Free And Why Should You Use It?

Over the last few days I have been writing about why scrapbooks are more personal than albums, why they protect our photos better than albums, and why acid free is so important.

Today I want to discuss lignin.

What is Lignin?

Lignin is basically a natural bonding element that holds wood together. Without it trees would not be stiff, and would not grow as tall as they do. To put simply Lignin is the natural worlds concrete, binding the trees together.

How does Lignin affect your scrapbooks?

Paper is made from trees, trees have lignin in, and when the trees are ground up to make paper the lignin stays and gets transferred to the papers. If you use paper in your scrapbooks that is not lignin free it will decay your photos.

How does Lignin harm your photos?

Let’s clear a point up lignin is not an acid it is a natural element, however, once Lignin is exposed to air and sunlight it starts to turn yellow. Lignin oxidizes through exposure to the light and sun and the molecules become less stable and start to yellow.

This is the important bit when lignin deteriorates it becomes acidic, so it will start to harm your photos in the same way as acidic paper and items do.

Remember acidic items migrate, they literally jump from the page to your photos.

Lignin items that are deteriorating and acidic can migrate to your photos and will turn your photos yellow, it will make them brittle and those fantastic memories stored in that acidic and lignin album will be ruined!

Remember the tale of my mum and dad’s wedding album? You can read it here

Acid Free and Lignin Free maybe more costly, and maybe harder to find. NEVER ASSUME because you are in a scrapbooking section of a store that the items you are buying (the adhesive, embellishments, paper and scrapbooks) are acid free and lignin free because they may not be, unless they state very clearly they are I would assume they aren’t.

I would rather spend more time and money finding acid free and lignin free items for all my scrapbooks, because after all its about keeping your photos safe for as long as possible to show to my future generations and pass down my memories and stories.


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