What Do You Need To Start Scrapbooking?

Oh I can’t Scrapbook I am not crafty like you?

It’s a sentence I hear all the time.

It is a sentence that is not true.

Scrapbooking isn’t about being crafty. Scrapbooking is about preserving your memories, keeping them for future generations, letting your children see you as a child, see your wedding, see their childhood.

Scrapbooking is writing down your memories, making that photo come alive. Telling people who is in the picture, the age you are, where you are and what you thought about it.

You don’t have to be crafty to do any of that.

You just have to remember.

So what do you need to start Scrapbooking?

Not a lot would be the correct answer.

Scrapbooking isn’t a hobby that you have to spend loads of money to get started on. You can spend a lot of money of course, but you really don’t need to. Some lovely scrapbook pages are made with the smallest list of equipment.

These two scrapbook pages were made with the simplest of materials. A guillotine, paper, stickers, photo and a pen. I have written about where we were what we were doing on the day and included what we thought about it for our boys to read in future years.

To start scrapbooking you need:

Photos –  these are a must as other wise what are you scrapbooking. You need something to create your page around and something to write about on the page.

Photo Safe Adhesive – please look at the posts about Acid Free and Lignin Free if you haven’t already, this adhesive can be a double-sided tape, or glue dots, what ever works for you and you are most comfortable with.

Photo Safe Paper – again please look at the Acid Free and Lignin Free posts, the size of the paper depends on the size of the scrapbook you are making. I personally prefer the 12″ x 12″ paper as this is the scrapbooks I make and you can get more photos on one of these but that decision is entirely up to you. You will need one sheet for the scrapbook page and then maybe a couple of other sheets to be cut up and used as photo mats or embellishments on the page.

Paper Cutter – you could be very simple with this and just use scissors, however most people don’t as you can never get the edges as straight as you would like. Instead this is probably the biggest investment you will make when you first start get a good paper trimmer. You can buy a specific 12 x 12 trimmer, or a guillotine will work just as well. As long as the paper you are using fits into the trimmer and it cuts a good straight line it is great for the job.

Pen – you need a pen to journal what stories your photos are telling and it is better to get an acid free alternative, you can get these from most art shops, so that the ink doesn’t jump to your photos.

Once you have all this you can start scrapbooking.

You don’t need to be crafty.

You don’t need a 101 materials and gadgets.

You just need a passion.

A passion to tell your story.

To pass on your memories and to keep that special moment you photographed alive for generations more.



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