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Back To Work…


So today is my official day back at work, I choose to have three weeks off with the boys while Baba was on holiday.

To be honest it paid to have them off, it was lovely creating memories and just being a family, chilling and not worrying about work.

It also allowed me time to make some decisions about work and writing.

I love Scrapbookerry it is my baby along with the boys, and I have made a decision that as well as making the mini albums, and the keepsakes, I want to make more scrapbook pages, and more completed albums, full 12″x12″ albums, 8″x8″ albums, 6″x8″ albums and mini albums. I have always stopped from making the albums all completed because I have been reserved with showing pictures of Baba and Boo, but these three weeks off have made me think about things, and to be honest how am I supposed to show the importance of Scrapbooking if I don’t ever show a completed scrapbook, it is an almost impossible task.

So I need to make a change.

And that change is going to be to do the completed albums, and the completed pages, and show why scrapbooking is so important.

Why telling the story is so important.

Why creating the memories are important.

Why memory keeping is important.

I will be adding pictures of the completed albums and pages onto the blog, I will be adding the completed albums as samples onto the shop pages, and I will be developing a gallery section of all the completed pages and albums.

I hope that this will show why I am so passionate about scrapbooking and will really help explain why I think it is so important and something that anyone can do. Whether crafty or not!

A Hen Do Envelope Album

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I could help a bridesmaid with a present for a bride to be on her hen do. She wasn’t sure if I could help but had this idea to give the bride to be a few special notes and photos from her bridesmaids and hens on her hen do.

Straight away I suggested the envelope album.

This album is a versatile album, and is perfect for people to add their own photos, and special little notes. It is an album that can be easily carried, so is perfect for a hen do party as it can be transported well and is also large enough to be displayed beautifully at home, and at the wedding.

It is also an album that can have lots of items added to it and can take more items as each page is made from an envelope so it has the flexibility to grow, and the strength to hold the weight of the added items.

It was the perfect album to make for a bride to be on her hen do.

The information I had to make the album was the name of the bride, the date of the hen do and the date of the wedding. I knew the wedding colours were navy blue, and that the decorations were navy lace, natural hessian fabrics and hearts. The rest was left up to me to decide how to decorate the album.

I decided to go with the lace, natural colours and hearts and just highlight the album with the navy blue.

[huge_it_gallery id=”5″]

The lady that ordered the album loved the finished product, and on Monday morning I received a lovely message, confirming that the bride to be loved the album as well.

“Hi Kerry. Just to say a BIG thank you for the beautiful hen book the bride to be shed a few happy tears and set us all off it was a lovely gift for the end of the hen do!”

MyMemories Review

As you know from my previous post, I dip in and out of traditional and digital scrapbooking, and love to do both of them.

I love the ease of digital scrapbooking, and it the immediate effect of it, there is no printing of the photos before you can scrap them, it is a case of take the photo, edit it and scrapbook. With the ease of the laptop it is something I can do instantly after taking the photos, and can do in front of the TV as well. What a great way to spend an evening!

I don’t want digital scrapbooking to be difficult I am a firm believer that no scrapbooking should be difficult. Which is why I love MyMemories Suite

It is a digital scrapbooking software that is so easy to use and has great flexibility, you can be totally creative and develop your pages from scratch, or you can use pre made templates to make your pages. You can drag and drop your photos into the pages, or you can use the auto fill feature. So basically it is up to you how creative you can be, or how difficult or simple you can make the pages.

And you don’t have to just do scrapbook pages. You can use this software to create scrapbooks, photo books, custom gifts, invites and many more items.

If that isn’t enough you can get your digital pages printed professionally or you can print at home. It really covers everything and is a scrapbookers dream.

I love the ease of the software and that you can make a page, save an album and then add to that album as and when you need to. A great feature as I am not a chronological scrapbooker, I scrapbook pages as I have ideas for them, so always have lots of albums on the go at the same time.

It is quick as well.

Only this morning I made these two pages, within an hour, using the exact same items, but creating two completely different pages.

Such a simple style, nothing too complicated, two different pages that really compliment each other.

The library on the software has been perfectly fine for what I have needed so far, but the advantage of MyMemories is if I wanted some different items, or pages, their shop on the site is vast, and I have been looking regularly at the different items that can be brought. There really is something for everyone there, which I think is an added advantage, and all are so reasonably priced or even free. You can’t get better than that.

I certainly will be using MyMemories from now on for my digitally scrapbooking and will be recommending it to anyone that asks as well. As it is such a joy to work with.

And the best bit is that MyMemories have given me a lovely code for you the readers.


This code gives you $10 discount of the purchase of the My Memories Suite making the software only $29.99 which is a complete bargain as I promise you, you will use this software for many years and for many items.

Just go to this link to buy your software, click on Add to Cart and then enter this Code into the Promotional Code field on the Shopping Cart Page.


Traditional versus Digital Scrapbooking

This is a question I get asked regularly.

What is the difference between traditional and digital scrapbooking?

Traditional Scrapbooking

Traditional scrapbooking is using physical products to make a scrapbook. So you use cardstock as the main page and for mats for your photos, you use embellishments to decorate the page and stickers or stamps for headers and journalling on the page. All the items in a traditional scrapbook are stuck onto the main page, via adhesive and all the physical items that you use need to be photo safe, so acid free and lignin free to preserve your photos at their best state for longer.

You complete a page at a time, some are single pages and some are double page spreads and then all the pages are put together into an album.

Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking, still includes backing papers, photo mats, embellishments, and headers and journalling. But the big difference is there is no adhesive.

All digital scrapbooking is done on a computer and generally on a photo editing software, I personally use MyMemories Suite (I will be blogging about this at a later date) the adding of the photos, embellishments, and journalling is all done via your computer, or editing programme.

Once a page or scrapbook is completed there are two options at the end, you can either keep the whole thing on your computer (if you choose this option please back up the scrapbook as it could be lost very quickly) and just view it digitally or you can print the pages, or complete scrapbook off. This can be done in a variety of ways. Via a printing company, or at home, (if you have a large enough printer) individual pages, or as a photo book. But once it is printed the page is completely finished and all the designing has been done digitally.

Hybrid Scrapbooking

Hybrid Scrapbooking is a bridge builder.

It is a version of scrapbooking that combines both traditional and digital, where you do most of the page digitally, print it off and then add some traditional embellishments to the page via adhesive.

What is the right way to scrapbook? 

There is no right and wrong answer to what is the better way to scrapbook, it is just about what you are most comfortable with.

People can be very firmly in one camp or the other and don’t feel that the other is as good as what they do.

I am not that type of scrapbooker.

How do I scrapbook? 

I started scrapbooking as a traditional scrapbooker, and to be honest most of the time I still am. But I dip into digital scrapbooking, more and more now a days to be honest, purely because I don’t always print my photos and it can be a more spur of the moment thing. I can have a bit of time free of an evening and decide to complete a page in MyMemories, and then will get it printed at our local printers.

My albums have both options in them, they are traditional and digital, I don’t add embellishments etc to my digital pages once they are printed, but I do have hybrid albums. Some pages are completely traditional, others are completely digital, but in total they make a stunning album.

So it really depends what you like, and what you feel comfortable with. I am totally of the thinking that as long as you are scrapbooking whether it be traditionally, digitally, or hybrid then that is a good thing as you are preserving your photos and passing them onto your future generations.

A Packaging Update

For a while now I have wanted to update the packaging that the albums are sent to customers in.

It isn’t so much the outside packaging that i wanted to change but more what comes with the albums inside the packaging.

I have been aware especially if the albums are brought as a present for people that they may not know what they are receiving.

So yesterday I changed this.

It was something that I had brought the typewriter for a little retro packaging to go with our gorgeous albums.

Now each album will come with a little thank you note, a thank you for your order, and a little information if there are any issues, or if you want to have a  further look at our website.

They also now come with a little instruction leaflet for each album you buy.

These are a simple instruction leaflet that tells you about your album, how many photos it can hold, and what size pictures it can hold in the album.

Something nice and simple, but something that I hope will make the experience of buying a Scrapbookerry album even more enjoyable.

These along with the business cards, and the adhesive make a great addition to every album, and I hope that they make our albums more enjoyable and easier to use as a gift or if you are buying them for yourself.

A Catch Up and Some Plans

As you may have noticed Scrapbookerry has been very quiet recently. We have been doing a lot of work at home these past few weeks, and we still have a lot of work to do. We have been in our house for nearly 8 years now and for the first time ever we don’t have children on the way, or tiny children in the house, or a wedding, or dogs moving in. So now is the time to actually get the jobs that we have always wanted to do done. The first job has been the kitchen, which is a huge job and is still in the process of being finished, after that a wall will be coming down downstairs, and another is being built and a new doorway is being knocked through. They are big jobs, but they will make the downstairs look amazing and it is the best way to get the most space out of our area. Especially with two boys who are getting bigger and bigger by the day and need more space every few minutes.

What has been done so far is amazing, what still has to be done is huge. I promise to share some photos when the kitchen is all finished. But the work and the children have been keeping me massively busy at home.

We have been making lots of memories, lots of photos have been taken and we have been having trips out every day, but time has run away with me.

Although one thing that the break has made me realise is that I have missed the business.

Really missed the business.

I started this business because I was passionate about keeping your memories alive, and sharing your photos, memorabilia and your memories with your future generations.

I will be totally honest and admit, somewhere along the way, I am not sure if it was happening for a while, or happened quickly, but somewhere I lost that passion. I lost the faith in what I do. I questioned what I was doing, and why I was doing it.

The thought of actually closing the doors even entered my head, mainly because I had lost the passion, secondly because the sales had become low.

I lost the enthusiasm, and that developed a ripple effect, people started talking about my hobby, not my business, I got told about jobs that were going nearby, all because I wasn’t acting like my business was my business. I lost the drive.

But having this break has shown me even more that I have the drive.

I have the passion.

I want people to understand Scrapbooking, Memory Keeping and Keepsakes.

I want people to truly understand the importance of Scrapbooking, Memory Keeping and Keepsakes. This isn’t just about making you photos and memorabilia pretty, this is about passing down the moments. Keeping them for yourself so you never forget that special moment, place or person, but also protecting your photos and memorabilia and passing them onto future generations.

We are a throw away society, sometimes this is good, sometimes it is really bad.

It really is a disaster for people not to pass on their memories, photos and keepsakes and I want to show people this, make them understand this and help people to scrapbook, memory keep, and make keepsakes.

While I have been in the depths of entertaining children and living in a building site I had a think, a very long serious think and after doubting my products, and I really have this year, I now believe I have been doubting the wrong thing. (Well I truly hope so anyway, I do believe the products are good products they are great albums, mini albums, journal jars, and keepsakes)

However the marketing for the business is not great. I am a one woman business and it isn’t possible to do it all. Some things have got to change.

I can do all the work, make all the albums, but unless I am seen on the internet and tell people about what I do no one knows I am here, no one will buy from me and no one will learn about scrapbooking and memory keeping.

So I have made some marketing decisions.

I will be keeping the website, I will be sorting out the SEO on the website, and really tweaking it to be the best it possibly can be.

I will be making some new ranges, I have a lot of ideas but I need to put some feelers out to see what you as the customer really want, and what you think is a good or bad idea. Keep looking out for the market research questions, as these will give you a clue to what is coming.

One thing I am going to be doing is not solely rely on Facebook and my website. I need to really develop the marketing of the business so I will be joining a selling site, something along the lines of Etsy or Crafty Magpie and I will be spreading my wings across social networking sites.

There will be lots going on behind the scenes and with two children things can happen slowly but I am in this for the duration and will be helping people to protect their memories and photos for as long as possible and I hope you will continue to join me.

Oh and if there is anything you really want to see in the business then now is the time to shout leave any ideas or suggestions below.

Is A Memory Book A Scrapbook?

Is a Memory Book a Scrapbook.

Quite simply…

Yes a Memory Book is a Scrapbook.

A memory book is a collection of a persons memories, it can be a single person, or a group of people and the memories are collected via photos, memorabilia and the written word, stories, comments, and the description of the event or world around them, including the smells, the sights, and the important dates and times.

Exactly the same as a scrapbook.

People have this idea that a scrapbook is a large paper backed book, that has a lot of coloured pages in alternating colours throughout the book. They have this idea that a scrapbook involves a pritt stick and a lot of cutting and sticking and pasting the items in the book. It has newspaper clippings, drawings, old tickets, and some scribbles on each page.

That is a form of a scrapbook, but that is not the only form.

Scrapbooks are also memory books.

Scrapbooks are full of peoples memories, full of peoples photos, full of their written word, full of their stories, and full of the important facts and figures. The names, dates and times.

Scrapbooks can be made by yourself, or can be made by a group – exactly the same as a memory book.

Scrapbooks can be made about a specific event, a wedding, a new baby, a birthday, a holiday. Or they can be made about a family, a child, a grandparent, a mother.

Scrapbooks and memory books are completely the same, they are different words for the same thing. But they are the same. They are about preserving your memories, keeping your photos safe, and writing down all the things you remember about that event, that era, that journey.

Scrapbooks and memory books, make a story, a story of your memories, your journey, your event and they enable you to pass these down to future generations.

Scrapbooks and memory books let your future family open up you album, see your story, read your story, and experience your story through you.

They hear about your best friend laughing on the slide, before landing on her bottom at the end, they see the laughter, they read about the tears that came streaming down your face, they see the sun, they read about the heat. They look at the year, they get your age, they experience the fun you had when you were 8. They relive it and you become alive to them.

So if you are after a memory book, you want a scrapbook, if you are after a scrapbook, you want a memory book. Remember they are the same. Just different words for the same item.


Scrapbookerry’s First Ever Market Night

We as a business have been on Facebook for a long time, and over the years I have watched Market Nights take place with other businesses, and have always had a thought in the back of my mind that I wanted to do one.

But there has always been things in the way, and the thought has never materialised.

However this has now changed.

Finally I have scheduled a Market Night and on Sunday the 15th of February 2015 Scrapbookerry will be holding its first ever market night on Facebook.

It starts at 7.00pm UK time, and will be hosted completely online, all in an event on Facebook.

How Does A Market Night Work?

It is a very simple technique.

Pre Market Night;

Over the last few days and continuing until the 15th of February I have been and will be inviting people to the Event on Facebook, which is named Scrapbookerry Market Night.

If you get an invite then it is a good idea, to say you are going or maybe going or not going at all, purely because you will then get all the notifications of what is happening within the event, as it happens.

People are being invited to an event, because they will be getting a heads up of what is happening at the event and they will be given the event information earlier than people who are not going to the event. The Market Night is a total public event, however the information for the Market Night will be posted in the event first.

A couple of days before the Market Night, items will be posted into the Market Night Album, that will be posted into the event for people to have a look before the Market Night goes live.

On The Market Night;

The Market Night starts at 7.00pm UK time and at this time a code word will be announced in the event page, this will not be a difficult word, something along the lines of a four letter word.

Once the code word is announced the Market Night is Live and you need to be quick, if you like an item in the Market Night Album and want to buy it, write the code word under the picture and the word SOLD!


Items will be sold to the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT so please be quick.

An hour after the code word is announced in the Event page it will be made public on Scrapbookerry’s page on Facebook along with the link to the Market Night Album.

People going to the event have an extra hour to shop.

A Little Information About The Market Night Products.

Scrapbookerry does a lot of custom orders, and the Market Night is no exception.

There are some, only a few, buy it now scrapbooks and keepsakes at the Market Night that are already made and will be posted as soon as they have been brought.

However a lot of the Market Night Album is sample pictures of the scrapbooks and keepsakes we make, if you like and want to buy this scrapbook or keepsake the process is exactly the same as the buy it now albums. Still comment leaving the code word and sold on the picture, but when I email you to discuss your Market Night order, you can request the colour that you would like your scrapbook /  keepsake made in.

As these are custom orders, the regular 2-3 weeks making time will apply to these orders.

And A Little Secret…

This Market Night isn’t just a chance to show off all our products.

It isn’t a sale.

It is a launch of some new ranges.

There are lots of new things happening with Scrapbookerry this year, and there will be a new keepsakes, and a couple of scrapbooks launched at this Market Night so keep your eyes peeled.

So who’s excited?

We hope to see you there.


What Do You Need To Start Scrapbooking?

Oh I can’t Scrapbook I am not crafty like you?

It’s a sentence I hear all the time.

It is a sentence that is not true.

Scrapbooking isn’t about being crafty. Scrapbooking is about preserving your memories, keeping them for future generations, letting your children see you as a child, see your wedding, see their childhood.

Scrapbooking is writing down your memories, making that photo come alive. Telling people who is in the picture, the age you are, where you are and what you thought about it.

You don’t have to be crafty to do any of that.

You just have to remember.

So what do you need to start Scrapbooking?

Not a lot would be the correct answer.

Scrapbooking isn’t a hobby that you have to spend loads of money to get started on. You can spend a lot of money of course, but you really don’t need to. Some lovely scrapbook pages are made with the smallest list of equipment.

These two scrapbook pages were made with the simplest of materials. A guillotine, paper, stickers, photo and a pen. I have written about where we were what we were doing on the day and included what we thought about it for our boys to read in future years.

To start scrapbooking you need:

Photos –  these are a must as other wise what are you scrapbooking. You need something to create your page around and something to write about on the page.

Photo Safe Adhesive – please look at the posts about Acid Free and Lignin Free if you haven’t already, this adhesive can be a double-sided tape, or glue dots, what ever works for you and you are most comfortable with.

Photo Safe Paper – again please look at the Acid Free and Lignin Free posts, the size of the paper depends on the size of the scrapbook you are making. I personally prefer the 12″ x 12″ paper as this is the scrapbooks I make and you can get more photos on one of these but that decision is entirely up to you. You will need one sheet for the scrapbook page and then maybe a couple of other sheets to be cut up and used as photo mats or embellishments on the page.

Paper Cutter – you could be very simple with this and just use scissors, however most people don’t as you can never get the edges as straight as you would like. Instead this is probably the biggest investment you will make when you first start get a good paper trimmer. You can buy a specific 12 x 12 trimmer, or a guillotine will work just as well. As long as the paper you are using fits into the trimmer and it cuts a good straight line it is great for the job.

Pen – you need a pen to journal what stories your photos are telling and it is better to get an acid free alternative, you can get these from most art shops, so that the ink doesn’t jump to your photos.

Once you have all this you can start scrapbooking.

You don’t need to be crafty.

You don’t need a 101 materials and gadgets.

You just need a passion.

A passion to tell your story.

To pass on your memories and to keep that special moment you photographed alive for generations more.



How To Store Your Scrapbooks

So far in our Keep Your Photos Safe series we have talked about why you should scrapbook, and why you should use Acid Free and Lignin Free products in your scrapbooks.

So you know what to do with your photos and why to put them into a scrapbook.

But what do you do with that scrapbook when you have spent your time and energy making sure your photos are in the safest place possible.

Where do you store these scrapbooks?

A place that is not great to store them is near a window or a radiator.

Scrapbooks and photos in general do not do well in extreme temperature changes. Going from high heat and humid weather to cold, dry weather back to high heat (due to a radiator) and wet weather will ruin your photos, they will speed up the aging process and will make them crack and split and become brittle.

Keeping a scrapbook in a humid environment is one of the worst places to store your scrapbook. Humidity warps your photos, it can allow mould to grow on your photos and can make the pages stick together in your scrapbook. Resulting in a ruined scrapbook and a whole load of photos and memories ruined.

You could have the safest album, with only safe products in your album but nothing will protect the photos in the album if they are stored in this situation.

So how should you store your albums?

Firstly you should NEVER stack your albums on top of each other. Albums should always be stored side by side.

Albums can become very heavy.

For example we have a scrapbook of our holiday in Egypt it has roughly 50 pages in the album, all full with photos most pages on average have 4 photos in. That is a lot of photos and a lot of paper and a lot of adhesive it is a heavy scrapbook. If this was stacked on top of another scrapbook, and a scrapbook on top of that the pages would get squashed. There is no doubt about it. The compression of each page would cause the scrapbook covers to bow and would eventually ruin each scrapbook.

Just imagine how many pictures you have your children or your wedding, and how heavy those scrapbooks could potentially be and how each page would end up ruining the pages underneath them.

To keep your scrapbooks at their ultimate best condition they need to be stood up next to each on a shelf, with their spines showing so you know what scrapbook is what.

Secondly, we have spoken about humidity and temperature but it is so important it needs to be mentioned again, the ideal humidity for a scrapbook is 20-50% humidity any higher and it will ruin your scrapbook. You can buy different items to decrease your humidity or just move to another place.

The best temperature for a scrapbook storage is under 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius. A space with a steady temperature is the best place to store your scrapbooks, especially if they are coloured photos, as fluctuations in temperatures can make the chemicals in a coloured photo very unstable and end up ruining the photos.

Some of the best places to store your scrapbooks, are in a basement, if it is cool and doesn’t get humid. Or in an interior cupboard that does have an external wall in your house where the temperature remains constant and it isn’t humid.

Or within a room that doesn’t get humid, or have extreme temperatures throughout the year.

However there is one room, where most people’s photos live that is actually the worst place to keep them.

That is the attic / loft space.

The temperature fluctuates dramatically up here, as if you don’t use it, it doesn’t have any heating. It is freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. Your photos are receiving the extremes of both heats, and it is more than likely humid and damp and they are sitting up there, probably in a box hidden away – safe, decaying and aging dramatically.

So if you have photos in boxes being kept safe in your attic or your loft, get them out today. Move them as fast as you can and put them somewhere safe.

Somewhere that isn’t damp, humid, too hot, or too cold.