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Back To Work…


So today is my official day back at work, I choose to have three weeks off with the boys while Baba was on holiday.

To be honest it paid to have them off, it was lovely creating memories and just being a family, chilling and not worrying about work.

It also allowed me time to make some decisions about work and writing.

I love Scrapbookerry it is my baby along with the boys, and I have made a decision that as well as making the mini albums, and the keepsakes, I want to make more scrapbook pages, and more completed albums, full 12″x12″ albums, 8″x8″ albums, 6″x8″ albums and mini albums. I have always stopped from making the albums all completed because I have been reserved with showing pictures of Baba and Boo, but these three weeks off have made me think about things, and to be honest how am I supposed to show the importance of Scrapbooking if I don’t ever show a completed scrapbook, it is an almost impossible task.

So I need to make a change.

And that change is going to be to do the completed albums, and the completed pages, and show why scrapbooking is so important.

Why telling the story is so important.

Why creating the memories are important.

Why memory keeping is important.

I will be adding pictures of the completed albums and pages onto the blog, I will be adding the completed albums as samples onto the shop pages, and I will be developing a gallery section of all the completed pages and albums.

I hope that this will show why I am so passionate about scrapbooking and will really help explain why I think it is so important and something that anyone can do. Whether crafty or not!

A Packaging Update

For a while now I have wanted to update the packaging that the albums are sent to customers in.

It isn’t so much the outside packaging that i wanted to change but more what comes with the albums inside the packaging.

I have been aware especially if the albums are brought as a present for people that they may not know what they are receiving.

So yesterday I changed this.

It was something that I had brought the typewriter for a little retro packaging to go with our gorgeous albums.

Now each album will come with a little thank you note, a thank you for your order, and a little information if there are any issues, or if you want to have a  further look at our website.

They also now come with a little instruction leaflet for each album you buy.

These are a simple instruction leaflet that tells you about your album, how many photos it can hold, and what size pictures it can hold in the album.

Something nice and simple, but something that I hope will make the experience of buying a Scrapbookerry album even more enjoyable.

These along with the business cards, and the adhesive make a great addition to every album, and I hope that they make our albums more enjoyable and easier to use as a gift or if you are buying them for yourself.