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The Start of The Isle of Wight Scrapbook

This summer we have done lots of visits, and been to lots of places.

Now the summer is over, it is time to get scrapbooking the photos, and writing down the memories.

I am not doing them chronologically, I am just doing the pages as I am inspired to do the pages, some will be digital, some will be traditional and some will be a mixture of both. But the end result will be the photos and the memories will be stored, and scrapbooked for us to look at over the years and for the boys to have forever.

This page was digitally made, with just one photo and a kit from MyMemories programme, the Sailaway kit.

I gave the photo a mat, and added the anchor embellishments, along with a Bracket Book Plate embellishment.

The rest of the page is a poem from John Masefield, called Sea Fever. It is the perfect poem for this page all of us love the sea. We love being near the sea, and if I am feeling sad or down I head to the sea it is a perfect boost.

This photo was one that I took at Ryde just from the Ferry terminal after we arrived in the Isle of Wight.

I have only written the date and place on the page, as this will be added to the main Isle of Wight album and will be the first page for the album.

A simple but effective page. One where we can remember where we were, what date it was on, and one where we can read the poem and be taken straight back to the sea again.

This page was made while I was making my lunch and took about 30 minutes in total.


Product Of The Week 07/08/2015

Product of the Week is an opportunity when we highlight a product, show what can be done with it and have it on a special price for one week only where that product is 10% off.

This week our Product of the Week is…


A BABY Scrapbook album is a great twist on the traditional baby book, and is a great way to record a selection of your babies firsts.

The BABY Scrapbook album is 5″ x 10″ in size and has four pages to the album, that each have a letter at the end of the page, spelling out BABY.

Each album can store up to 7 photos, in various size with the maximum size being a 6″ x 4″ photo.

Each BABY Scrapbook album comes with enough adhesives to put all your photos in and the price covers the postage and packaging.

Until Wednesday 12th August all custom ordered BABY Scrapbook albums have 10% off, and will only be £27.00 including adhesive, postage and packaging.

You can order a custom ordered BABY Scrapbook album here.

  • Product of the week applies to all custom ordered BABY Scrapbook Albums
  • Each BABY Scrapbook Album ordered within the Product of the Week promotion is £19.80.
  • Product of the week runs for one week only from the dates shown above and will stop running at midnight on the 12/08/2015.


Product Of The Week 11/03/2015

Product of the Week is something that used to happen every week on our Facebook page, but was never transferred across the board.

It was an opportunity when we highlight a product, show what can be done with it and have it on a special price for one week only where that product is 10% off.

So for this week only the Product of the Week is…

4″ x 3″ FIVE PAGED MINI ALBUMS 10600412_805655399458015_5148429368414593449_n

These albums are a great mini album, at only 4″ x 3″ in size, they are big enough to hold your favourite items in, but also small enough to have with you at all times in your bag.

The album has five pocket pages, and each page holds a tag in the album which is a little smaller in size than 4″ x 3″, in total there are 8 tags in the album and these can be used on both sides, giving you 16 areas for photos and memorabilia.

All Five Paged Mini Albums come with enough adhesive for you to attach your photos and memorabilia to the tags.

Perfect for gifts, as you can fill them with love, or perfect for yourself to have all your family photos near you.

Over the years the Five Paged Mini Albums have been a great hit.

They have been sold pre-made, and have been a popular seller as a custom ordered album.

They have been ordered for many reasons, and this is just a small list of why people have brought them.

Autograph books, Five Paged Mini Albums are the perfect size for children to collect their autographs while on holiday in Disneyland.

Brag books for Grandparents, these are a huge hit to give to Grandparents as brag books, a great way to send them some great photos of their grandchildren that they can carry around with them and show to all their friends.

Travel Books, Five Paged Mini Albums are small, but big in personality and because each page has tags in the album, they are a brilliant album to use when travelling. They are a perfect size to keep a couple of photos of each trip and also perfect for storing train tickets, show tickets etc.

Business Card Holder, a great way to display your business cards and to store other people’s cards that are given to you so you never misplace them.

Portfolio, these are great little albums to use as portfolios for your own business. They can be stored in you bag and can be used to show of your own work when anyone asks.


But there are so many other reasons to order a Five Paged Mini Album, they can be used just to store photos in, to write your favourite quotes in, write in affirmations, or just to record your favourite song lyrics.

Five Paged Mini Albums are fab little flexible album that has many uses.

For this week only running from the 11/03/2015 – 17/03/2015 all Five Paged Mini Albums are 10% Off making them only £13.95 including Postage and Packaging

  • Product of the week applies to pre-made and custom ordered Five Paged Mini Albums.
  • Each Five Paged Mini Album ordered within the Product of the Week promotion includes 8 tags in the album for £13.95.
  • Product of the week runs for one week only from the dates shown above and will stop running at midnight on the 17/03/2015.

Currently there are three pre made Five Paged Mini Albums the Dark and Light Pink Album which you can buy here, the Travellers Album which you can buy here and the Christmas Five Paged Mini Album which you can buy here.

If you would like to order a custom ordered Five Paged Mini Album you can do so here.




Scrapbookerry’s First Ever Market Night

We as a business have been on Facebook for a long time, and over the years I have watched Market Nights take place with other businesses, and have always had a thought in the back of my mind that I wanted to do one.

But there has always been things in the way, and the thought has never materialised.

However this has now changed.

Finally I have scheduled a Market Night and on Sunday the 15th of February 2015 Scrapbookerry will be holding its first ever market night on Facebook.

It starts at 7.00pm UK time, and will be hosted completely online, all in an event on Facebook.

How Does A Market Night Work?

It is a very simple technique.

Pre Market Night;

Over the last few days and continuing until the 15th of February I have been and will be inviting people to the Event on Facebook, which is named Scrapbookerry Market Night.

If you get an invite then it is a good idea, to say you are going or maybe going or not going at all, purely because you will then get all the notifications of what is happening within the event, as it happens.

People are being invited to an event, because they will be getting a heads up of what is happening at the event and they will be given the event information earlier than people who are not going to the event. The Market Night is a total public event, however the information for the Market Night will be posted in the event first.

A couple of days before the Market Night, items will be posted into the Market Night Album, that will be posted into the event for people to have a look before the Market Night goes live.

On The Market Night;

The Market Night starts at 7.00pm UK time and at this time a code word will be announced in the event page, this will not be a difficult word, something along the lines of a four letter word.

Once the code word is announced the Market Night is Live and you need to be quick, if you like an item in the Market Night Album and want to buy it, write the code word under the picture and the word SOLD!


Items will be sold to the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT so please be quick.

An hour after the code word is announced in the Event page it will be made public on Scrapbookerry’s page on Facebook along with the link to the Market Night Album.

People going to the event have an extra hour to shop.

A Little Information About The Market Night Products.

Scrapbookerry does a lot of custom orders, and the Market Night is no exception.

There are some, only a few, buy it now scrapbooks and keepsakes at the Market Night that are already made and will be posted as soon as they have been brought.

However a lot of the Market Night Album is sample pictures of the scrapbooks and keepsakes we make, if you like and want to buy this scrapbook or keepsake the process is exactly the same as the buy it now albums. Still comment leaving the code word and sold on the picture, but when I email you to discuss your Market Night order, you can request the colour that you would like your scrapbook /  keepsake made in.

As these are custom orders, the regular 2-3 weeks making time will apply to these orders.

And A Little Secret…

This Market Night isn’t just a chance to show off all our products.

It isn’t a sale.

It is a launch of some new ranges.

There are lots of new things happening with Scrapbookerry this year, and there will be a new keepsakes, and a couple of scrapbooks launched at this Market Night so keep your eyes peeled.

So who’s excited?

We hope to see you there.


What Is Scrapbooking?

So it occurred to me that while I have been working on the website a lot of people don’t actually even know what scrapbooking is.

So what is Scrapbooking?

If you look up the definition of Scrapbooking in the dictionary it is simply “the activity or hobby of making scrapbooks”

However that definition leads to what is the definition of a scrapbook, this to is a simple definition A book with blank pages used for the mounting and preserving of pictures, clippings, or other mementos”

These definitions are simply explaining what scrapbooking is, but the idea of an actual scrapbook is a lot more than that.

A scrapbook is a book that is made to preserve personal and family history in a book. It isn’t just about photos, it is about moments, memories, and memorabilia.

Those tickets from that special place you went on your first date, your baby’s hospital bracelet, their first lock of hair, your plane tickets for your honeymoon.

It is a book of all the things that make your memory come alive.

Something that tells the whole story, so it can be passed down from generation to generation.

Now I can hear you saying all our photos are in an album we have the memories, the photo album will be passed on why do we need a scrapbook?

There are so many reasons.

The first being that generally photo albums, don’t preserve your photos, instead they encourage their decay. Do you have photos that are yellow, going brittle and can no longer be moved from that yellow coloured album you stuck them in?


That is the decaying / ageing / disintegrating process in full swing.

You see scrapbooks, and all the mini albums and scrapbooks made here at Scrapbookerry are made with acid and lignin free products. (More about this another day). But for now if the acid and lignin is removed the ageing / disintegrating process is greatly slowed down and the photos are able to age naturally as all photos will eventually do.

The second reason for using a scrapbook album over a photo album is you can store all the important things, newspaper articles, tickets, all the things that were special on the day, or event your photos correspond to. (If you photocopy these items onto photo safe paper then they will also be safe to display next to your photos)

And the third and probably the most important reason to use a scrapbook over a photo album is journalling. It is all well and good putting photos into an album, and into a scrapbook, but without journalling only you know the story. It can’t be passed down.

Let me give you an example.

My nan died nearly 9 years ago, when my mum her only child, the one constant in her life for the past 60 years, got all of her stuff from her flat, she found a stash of photos.

The first thing that was unusual was that we found the photos, my nan was not a great photo keeper, she had ones of the grandchildren that was about all, so it was a shock to see all these pictures she kept.

The second thing was that these were important to her, photos she had kept all her life, some really old pictures, and we looked at them and we had no clue.

We didn’t know who the people were?

Where they were taken?

Or why they were special to her.

We asked other members of her family, and still no one knew.

Now my mum has a stack of photos, ones that she doesn’t want to throw away as they were special to her mum, but ones that no one in the family knows who they are, where or when they were taken, and why they were so important.

Now if these photos were in a scrapbook album. Along with the picture on the pages they could have the date, the place they were taken and who was there. Nanny could have written about the day, why they photos were important, her favourite thing about the day. Things that were said, moments that made them laugh. The reason for the photo.

If this was done, then my mum would have inherited a scrapbook, that explained a little about our Nan, something that I could have shown my children who never met her, and they could have shown theirs. It could have been passed down and yes they would never meet her but they would have a glimpse of her.

It would make the photos so much more special.

I am not saying photos aren’t great, photos are amazing, but photos only capture a moment. A scrapbook with some journalling can really capture a memory.